{Health Information Exchange}

The Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. NextGen Chart is the electronic medical record we use to connect our physicians, patients and caregivers to electronic health information exchanges. This gives us the opportunity to be connected to the larger Health Information Exchange, which is made up of public and private organizations that help share medical information among unrelated healthcare providers within a community or larger region. The Health Information Exchange allows electronic medical information to move quickly to qualified medical caregivers while maintaining the privacy, security and accuracy of the information being exchanged.

Health Information Exchange helps improve the quality of patient care, saves time, and reduces costs. In an emergency situation it allows a physician to retrieve a patient's records quickly, speed the delivery of care, and avoid unnecessary duplicate testing, medical errors and extra costs to the patient. Healthcare providers need access to as much useful information as possible while treating patients. Viewing your complete medical history—including all your lab results, medications, and immunizations—helps your provider make better decisions about your care in the same way that it helps keep you, an informed patient, better able to advocate for you and your family.

If you wish to opt-out of the Health Information Exchange, please go to  www.pointofcaresd.com and follow the prompts to fill out the online forms. We will not have these forms at the clinic.