Our Providers

With more than 39 providers and 16 specialties, we provide you with so much care, so close to home.


*Board Certified + Board Eligible


For appointments: 605-665-1722

  • Jason R. Howe, MS, FAAA, CCC-A

Breast Surgery

  • Ryan J. Garry, M.D., FACS* 


For appointments: 605-664-2741

  • Will C. Hurley, M.D., FACC*
  • Tim Irwin, M.D., FACC*

Pediatric Cardiology
For appointments:  888-881-1227
Outreach from Avera Medical Group Pediatric Specialists, Sioux Falls

  • Sami Awadalla, M.D.

For appointments:605-665-1722

  • James W. Young, D.O., FAOCD*

Family Medicine

For appointments: 605-665-8910

  • David J. Barnes, M.D.*
  • McKenzie E. Hanson, M.D.*
  • Carrissa Pietz, M.D.*
  • Abigail Reynolds, M.D.
  • Scott A. Weber, D.O.* (Family & Sports Medicine)
  • Jennifer McGinnis, CNP, MSN

For appointments: 605-665-1722

  • Steve H. Gutnik, M.D., Associate, FACP*

General Surgery
For appointments: 605-664-2742

For appointments: 605-665-1722

  • Purva Sharma, M.D.
  • Mary Lee Villanueva, M.D.*
  • Whitney Delforge, CNP, MSN

Internal Medicine
For appointments: 605-665-1082

  • Susan E. Fanta, M.D.*
  • John J. Frank, M.D.*
  • Tyler L. Hanson, M.D.*
  • Robert J. Neumayr, M.D., Ph.D.+

For appointments: 605-665-1152

  • Daniel J. Megard, M.D., FACP*
  • Sarah Arens, MPAS, PA-C
  • Cassie Arens, MPAS, PA-C


For appointments: 605-665-1082

  • Byron S. Nielsen, M.D.*

For appointments: 605-335-0844
Outreach from Avera Medical Group Neurology, Sioux Falls

  • Todd Zimprich, M.D.*

For appointments: 605-665-5538

  • Curtis M. Adams, M.D.*
  • Kevin Bray, M.D., FACOG*
  • Robert T. Ferrell, M.D., FACOG*
  • Amy M. Eichfeld, M.D., FACOG*
  • Jill F. Sternquist, M.D., FACOG*

Orthopedic Surgery
For appointments: 605-665-1722

  • Brent Adams, M.D., ABOS*
  • Jeremy Kudera, M.D., ABOS*
  • Jim A. Frerk, MPAS, PA-C
  • Dawn Lauer, MPAS, PA-C

For appointments: 605-665-5538

  • Dawn M. Larson, M.D.
  • Sara Pepper, M.D.
  • April K. Willman, M.D., FAAP*
  • David W. Withrow, M.D., FAAP

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
For appointments: 605-665-1152

  • Judith R. Peterson, M.D.*

Plastic Surgery
For appointments: 605-335-3349
Outreach from Plastic Surgery Associates, Sioux Falls

  • Patrick Miller, M.D.

For appointments: 605-665-1152

  • Lori A. Hansen, M.D., FACP, FACCP*
  • Michael P. Pietila, M.D., FCCP, FACP*

For appointments: 605-665-1722

  • Leann Bassing, M.D.*

For appointments: 605-664-2742

  • George R. Fournier, Jr., M.D., FACS*
  • Christopher A. Hathaway, M.D., Ph.D.*

Wound Care
For appointments: 605-664-2742

  • Ryan J. Garry, M.D. FACS*
  • Jesse L. Kampshoff, M.D.*
  • Luke C. Serck, M.D.*


  • Will R. Eidsness, M.D.*

Vermillion Medical Clinic
For appointments: 605-624-8643


  • Matthew D. Krell, M.D., FAAP*

Family Medicine

  • Catherine M. Mitchel, M.D.*
  • Charles C. Yelverton, M.D.*
  • Michelle A. Chaussee, MPAS, PA-C
  • Amy M. Fluit, MPAS, PA-C