Wound Care Center

Non-healing wounds happen for any number of reasons.  Chronic and non-healing wounds can result from diabetes, poor circulation, vascular disease, immobility or trauma.  It's important you know the signs of infection and seek treatment.

Non-healing wounds pose a greater chance of infection from common bacteria.  If your immune system is low or you have a condition such as diabetes, and you have a wound that isn't healing, you may be at risk of serious complications.

Our wound care team works with your primary care or specialist physician and is committed to evaluating and treating wounds of all types.  You can expect:

  • Caring staff
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Proven methods of wound healing
  • Physician directed care

Symptoms of Infection


Call us today if you experience any of the following with a non-healing wound:

  • Increased pain
  • Redness and warmth around the wound
  • Odor from the wound
  • Oozing from the wound


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Wound Care Team


Ryan Garry, M.D.

Ryan Garry, M.D.
Board Certified










Jesse Kampshoff, M.D.

Jesse Kampshoff, M.D.
Board Certified









Luke Serck, M.D.


Luke Serck, M.D.

Board Certified









Registered nurse, Stephanie Backer.Stephanie Backer, R.N.










Dawn Cattau, R.N.


Dawn Cattou, R.N.
Certified Wound Care Associate









Registered Nurse, Rhonda Lammers. Rhonda Lammers, R.N.